Assessment Consultancy Services.

Everclime provides Carbon Emissions Assessments and Consultancy support to all sized organisations. Everclime focuses on 5 specific services to suit most industries.Everclime is on a mission to give organisations the data and insights they need to make economically viable and sustainable decisions.

Emissions Assessments.

Emissions Pre-Assessment Business Intelligence Report

Pre-assessment BI Report is a high-level, low cost assessment which is focused on the largest sources of carbon emissions within the organisation. The report is designed to provide critical business insights and information on emission areas.

Pre-Assessment Document Includes:

  • Emissions Data Assessment & Calculation
  • Indicative GHG Footprint from key sources (~85% of emissions)
  • High level reduction options
  • Activation options
Emissions Full Assessment Report

The Full Assessment Report is a comprehensive full organisation  goes assessment with strategic recommendations in line with the Greenhouse Gas GHG Protocol. This Assessment can be aligned to suit any specific international requirements across any industry.

Full Assessment Documents include:

  • Exec Summary
  • Methodology
  • Emissions Boundary
  • GHG Inventory
  • Reduction Opportunities
  • Offset Opportunities
  • Reduction Strategies
  • Activation options
Climate Active Certification

Everclime can help your business achieve certification under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standards.

Our Climate Active Registered Consultant can manage your organisation through the Australian Government Climate Active process.

If it's just a quick chat to learn more, a re-assessment for this year or a full end-to-end assessment please contact us and we’ll walk you through it.

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Voluntary Carbon Market Integrity Assessment.

Everclime supports the internationally recognised Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI) that aims to promote credible participation in voluntary carbon markets while aligning with net-zero goals.

VCMI brings together stakeholders to foster high-integrity voluntary carbon markets that contribute meaningfully to climate action and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Everclime can provide a service to organisations aiming to meet all of the criteria laid out by the VCMI group in order to make claims under their framework, including:

  • Meeting the VCMI’s foundational criteria
  • Selecting a VCMI offset claim
  • Meet the carbon credit use and quality threshold
  • Obtain third-party assurance for measuring, reporting and assurance

Sustainable Development Goals Assessment.

Our SDG Assessment process starts by understanding key metrics of your business:

• Location
• Industry
• Number of employees
• The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) you want to support.

We also consider the stakeholders important to your decision-making.

Everclime will provide your organisation with a framework of relevant options for positive climate action against the goals.

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Key Principals.

Everclime is here to help and

Reduce First

Emissions Reduction should always be the number one priority.

Its Journey

Emissions management is a journey, Everclime can help you understand so you know where to start.

Let's Keep it Simple But Make Some Progress

Everclime is driven to break down barriers and make this process simpler and more efficient for any organisation to get started.