Why We Are Different.

Our compelling way to ensure impact.

Unlock Funding

Everclime’s platform enables organisations to design and deliver impact strategies that are economically viable through a variety of commercial applications.

Engage with Customers

Educate and engage customers and stakeholders in your impact contribution. Everclimes platform is a tool to connect with your customers, reward them and promote sustainability action.

Meet Climate & Impact Commitments

Everclime supports organisations in demonstrating and engaging in sustainability action. Through our technology impact becomes front and center in the conversation with customers, employees & shareholders.

Outcomes based Sustainability Impact.

Everclime believes the transition to a sustainable economy must go beyond Carbon.

Everclime’s technology has developed a first of its kind ‘outcomes based’ model of delivery for sustainability initiatives.

Everclime partners with amazing nature, marine and biodiversity projects that can deliver tangible outcomes.

These outcomes are minted with serial numbers onto an Everclime Registry and when delivered we provide ‘Proof of Delivery’.

We believe that driving growth in Impact Project Funding is as critical as the Voluntary Carbon Market.

Staple Multiple Projects & Rewards.

Stapling is a powerful solution to engage a wide rage of fans and support multiple projects with minimal touch points.  
• Customised Image & Logo
• Select Multiple Projects to Support
• Descriptions & Annotations
• Reward & Benefits offered
• Connect Registries

Project Spotlight: 
Living Seas

Everclime has just installed its first coral reef stars in association with the Living Seas project.

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