August 10, 2023

Busselton Jetty Partnership Announcement

Oceanfront Innovation: Busselton Jetty's Pioneering Sustainability Commitment

BUSSELTON Jetty Inc has partnered with Australian sustainability platform Everclime to assist the organisation in its transition to a low-carbon and sustainable future. The partnership will leverage Everclimes end-to end services from emissions assessment under the Climate Active framework through to activating via its app and sustainability platform. Everclime’s app encourages visitors to contribute to their footprint reduction for as little as $2.90 plus GST (less than a cup of coffee) rewarding them via discounts at the Jetty Cafe. The BJI Impact Certificate consists of 25kg of carbon sequestered - which is half the amount that the average Australian will emit per day and with each purchase contributes to the Busselton Jetty Environment Foundation - working to conserve our world-class marine environment and unique marine life for the future of our oceans.
BJI CEO Lisa Shreeve said “The Jetty is an important environmental organisation that benefits from tourism. All businesses generate emissions and our business relies upon a thriving environment therefore, it is the Jetty’s responsibility to do as much as it can to be a responsible environmental citizen.” “Our solar-powered train, office solar panels, Ecotourism Accreditation, Climate Action Business certification, each and Underwater Clean Ups and our Marine Conservation programs are some actions the Jetty takes. We also measure all our environmental aspects and impacts to see how we can operate more sustainably. Carbon Offsets is just the next step, to take accountability for the emissions we can’t avoid
today.” “We chose Everclime because they are a reputable West Australian business that incentivises our visitors to offset their emissions and support marine conservation during their experience at the Jetty. Everclime offers a range of sustainability initiatives including preserving coral reefs, cleaning up oceans, restoring forests and regenerating grasslands, potentially one-day seagrass in Geographe Bay.”
Everclime Founder & CEO, Sebastian Gray, said “Busselton Jetty is one of WA’s leading tourist destinations, and were excited to support them in engaging with their visitors in a positive sustainable way. Our mission is to bring impact action into our daily lives, building circular economies that deliver value across the stakeholder landscape, rewarding customers, and generating leads for business all whilst supporting and funding crucial environmental and impact initiatives.” Busselton Jetty Inc also contributes 25% of ticket sales towards ongoing maintenance of the 158 year old structure, so it is sustainable and can be enjoyed by future generations.
Media contact: Lisa Shreeve 0437 781 480

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