September 22, 2023

Eco Avo signs with Everclime

Eco Avo chooses Everclime to assist with Carbon-Neutral Avocado Production

We are excited to announce a partnership with Eco Avo led by Justin and Jodie Omodei in collaboration with Bendotti Avocado. Together, they are pioneering Australia's first carbon-neutral avocado production, setting a new standard for environmentally responsible food production.
Eco Avo is committed to sustainable avocado cultivation that not only nourishes but also cares for the environment. The goal is to offset more carbon emissions than they generate, demonstrating that high-quality produce can flourish without a significant carbon footprint.
The Eco Avo 2021-2022 Impact Certificate confirms their carbon offset efforts for the '21-'22 financial year, achieving Climate Active Certification as a Carbon Neutral Product.
For more information about Eco Avo, visit

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