September 21, 2023

Everclime and West Tech Fest 2022 Partner for Sustainable Innovation

Everclime signs West Tech Fest, Australia's premier tech festival.

James O'Hare

Everclime signs West Tech Fest, Australia's premier tech festival. This collaboration is a step towards sustainability and showcases Everclime and West Tech Fests shared commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of major events. 
Founded by Curtin University and industry leaders, West Tech Fest is known for connecting local startups and tech communities with global leaders. Everclime, the decarbonisation partner for West Tech Fest 2022, continues to lead in sustainability solutions, making this partnership a natural fit.
This year's West Tech Fest attracted over 100 speakers and thousands of attendees to multiple locations, emphasising growth, innovation, and sustainability. In partnership with BHP and Everclime, the festival introduced a unique solution for attendees to offset their carbon footprint, including travel, food, accommodation, and waste emissions. Certificate purchasers can also enter a drawing to win artwork, representing Australian Carbon Credit Units generated by a local project.
For more information about West Tech Fest and Everclime, please visit their respective websites at

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