September 22, 2023

Sports Environment Alliance chooses Everclime to Champion Sustainability at its event

SEA's mission is to drive positive change in the sports

Everclime, the sustainability-focused platform connecting brands with impactful environmental initiatives, is proud to announce its partnership with the Sports Environment Alliance (SEA). SEA is an organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable practices within the sports industry, equipping sports organisations with resources and tools to reduce their environmental impact.SEA's mission is to drive positive change in the sports world by fostering sustainability and eco-conscious practices. They provide valuable resources and support to empower sports organisations in their journey toward a greener, more sustainable future.To showcase their commitment to environmental responsibility, SEA has introduced the Sports Environment Alliance Summit 2023 Impact Certificate. This certificate is a tangible symbol of dedication to the SEA community and the global climate. By purchasing an Impact Certificate, individuals and organisations can actively support SEA and contribute to emissions mitigation for the day.Purchasing an Impact Certificate not only supports SEA's vital work but also enters participants into a drawing for a chance to win an exclusive Richmond Football Club Prize Pack. Further details and terms and conditions can be found on SEA's website.The partnership between Everclime and SEA represents a shared commitment to environmental sustainability within the sports industry. Together, they aim to inspire sports organisations and enthusiasts to embrace eco-conscious practices and champion the cause of a greener, more sustainable future.For more information about the Sports Environment Alliance, please visit

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